is a project by The Young Creative Council launched on International Women’s Day 2018 to celebrate young female creatives that are already going above and beyond.

At the YCC, we’re passionate about helping bridge the gap between industry and education. And we’re fortunate enough to meet and work with some of the most talented female creatives who will no doubt be the industry’s future leaders. 

This platform is a place to celebrate the amazing work they’re already doing.

Know a Badass Gal? We’d love to feature them so please nominate them on our homepage.  


ABOUT THE PROJECT: is a platform creative advertising duo Charlotte Hugh and Danny Pallett set up after realising the noticeable difference between the number of young women studying creative subjects VS those working in full time employment within the creative industry. 

As regular speakers at universities, schools and colleges across the UK through their work with The Young Creative Council, Hugh & Pallett noticed that the classrooms and lecture theatres they were speaking in were full of ambitious young women, yet the industry they were working in was lacking them. Approximately 60%* of creative students are female, but only 30%* end up working full-time in the creative industry. (Stats courtesy of the amazing Creative Equals)

So on International Women’s Day 2018 the pair set up in hope to change these stats.

The platform elevates a different young, female creative every single day who is doing something amazing regardless of their "years experience”. Whether they’re already making inspiring, award winning work or have set up their own creative focused business. From copywriters to art directors, illustrators to technologists - the site showcases some of the very best female creative talent from across the globe. is run entirely through nominations, so the site relies on industry leaders to nominate young women in their teams, University lecturers to nominate their students & anyone who knows a Badass Gal, or indeed is a Badass Gal, to follow suit.

The reception for Badass.Gal over the past year and a half has been phenomenal. The platform has become a place to source talent - with many of the Badass Gals landing full time roles at agencies across London. It has become a badge of honour, a confidence booster and a source of fresh inspiration for the wider creative industry.

In December 2018 Badass.Gal launched their first t-shirt collection - Fearless Types, designed and created by the badass gal community aimed a re-writing stereotypes women face in the workplace. And now, in year two is working with brands to up-skill members of its community. The first partnership being Adobe, offering free workshops on their creative cloud programs. If you’re interesting in attending one of these workshops please do follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know.

Watch this space for more 2019 collaborations. And do check out what has been up to over on the projects page.




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